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Good music.
Good people.
Good times.
Gosh that's cheesy.

Monkeyhands Riseth in late 2016 and continues to riseth, a fledgling five digit force of dancy funky bluesy jammy rocky type of unclassifiable ear bug catchy hooky fun sound.  




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"Greatest Band on Earth!"  -Shwa Smith, Comedian

Monkeyhands.  What to say about this dynamic explosive indefatigable experiment in human interaction.  Always a boisterous brouhaha of brotherly banter, the audience and band seem to get along magically, generating an inundating essence of groove and profundity.  

There's never been a day that didn't pass, and that's always been a crucial crux to the biscuit of the river that defines the creative output that is the Monkeyhands experience.  Neither flouncing nor floundering, the monkeyhands dance exquisitely between the dozens of sub-genres of Americana.  Some say their sound is timeless, but it fits neatly between nineteen twenty and twenty twenty.  

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